Saturday, January 12, 2008

Sledding Fun

The kids got to go sledding one time when it snowed a while back. They had a blast even though we didn't have enough sleds! We always wait until it snows to decide we need more sleds and Walmart never has any left. Maybe one day we will remember to get them when it isn't snowing;)


Janiece said...

Our kids have a blast in the snow, with or without sleds! We have bought several, really nice sleds at garage sales in the summer, so you might think about watching for some this summer, just a suggestion : )

tacomom said...

I always hate buying sleds when they are on clearance b/c you have to wait a whole year to use them. And it always seems like a waste of money. But by the next year, I'm always wishing I would have bought one/some!