Thursday, January 31, 2008

Word to the Wise!

Teachers at FCA please don't ever even hint to Jalen that their might possibly be a snow day!! It took me quite awhile to convince him tonight that he DID have to do his homework---our conversation went something like this: Me: Jalen, go do your homework
Jalen:But, Mom we have a snow day tomorrow!
Me: No, Jalen you don't know that for sure!
Jalen: Yes, I do---it is 100% chance that it will snow!
Me: Yes, but how many times has that happened in the past--only to not have snow!
Jalen: But, Mom if we would happen to have school then I would have an excuse for not doing my homework!!!
Jalen: he slumps his shoulders and dejectedly heads off to do his much dreaded homework!
(This is actually a very much shortened version of the conversation!--how is it that kids can be sooo smart and yet not understand something that is very simple????)


The Going Blog said...

I really get your post this morning because Cameron didn't understand why he had to go to bed since there was most likely no school or a delay. We did get the 2 hr. delay but the winter storm almost missed us. I would have been sending a really sluggish boy to school if I had not prevailed!!!

Jody J said...

Yeah, Shaylee was almost in tears this morning when I woke her up!

Angie Davis said...

Connor kept insisting that WE were supposed to call Pastor Johnson's house to check on the cancellation. He was sure they had promised them a snow day today. I was a little too sure of it myself and stayed up 'til 2 am. Connor wasn't the only grumpy Davis this morning...

tacomom said...

If only my kids would learn to listen to their parents and not the weatherman! I am so upset with all the predictions for the last three HUGE storms that we were supposed to get. I have never seen/heard anything like this in my life. It's insane. But I DO think after this morning that my kids might actually listen to me next time!