Monday, January 21, 2008


Just thought it was kind of ironic that Jordan and Janae just shared this experience with me today after Keith's post on ACE schools. Here's what they told me: Janae said that sometimes she falls asleep while waiting on her flag to be answered(hmmmm wander why she doesn't get her goals done??)so the other day Jenny happened to answer her flag and she was drifting off(Jenny didn't notice)she asks Janae what she wants--Janae wakes up and panicks because she has no clue what she really needs so she says---"white out"! I about cracked up!!!! Of all the things to come up with and all she could think of was white out. Jordan says he has had the same problem but he just usually says "I need to go to the bathroom". Kids are pretty sneaky!!! I did enjoy a good laugh over that!

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Angie Davis said...

At least yours wait quietly. Connor got a demerit recently for yelling "you never answer my flag" across the room. Eeek.