Thursday, January 31, 2008

Broken legs

I just read Carries blog on vet tips. I just have one question ---- Karris and Kyler's cat got hit the other day so Janae(as usual)took it in to nurse it back to health. Anyhoo---it has a broken leg so I took it to the Vet. How come it was going to cost $75 for a teensy weensy x-ray of a kitty's leg and Jenny went and got an x-ray of her big person leg(hehe) for a mere $60????? Just really curious!!! (Yes, Jenny thought she had broken her leg too!) I might add that I decided against the x-ray since they would have had to do surgery on the leg(the cat's that is) and I figured if an x-ray was $75, sugery must be in the thousands!ha We went home with pain meds and the cat is doing great except for a leg that will be a little crooked.(Jenny is doing fine too!)


Carrie said...

You're lucky there. Our clinic's x-rays are $80. Surgery probably wouldn't be in the $1,000's (though I know you were being sarcastic), but a $700-$900 bill wouldn't surprise me.

I guess if she's fortunate, maybe the break isn't too bad and it will heal on its own. Kitty will probably have a limp.

Don't know if Purdue might be cheaper, since they're a teaching hospital.

Carrie said...
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Carrie said...

Ah, I got it! The reason x-rays seem more expensive is because you're getting 2. Our clinic charges $80 for 2 different views.