Friday, January 18, 2008

Christmas card pictures

These are just some pictures I took for Christmas cards this year. I grabbed the kids put coats and hats on them and ran outside. I spent maybe 10 min. so I wasn't real picky---it was the easiest pictures ever taken around here! I knew I would get them developed in sepia so I didn't worry about the green gloves, gray sweats with red pinstripe, and army pants(hehe)! These look a little dorky in color!

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tacomom said...

I've done that before and told my friend she could do that this year when she wasn't prepared with matching outfits for her girls. The only thing one needs to be sure of...don't mix a short sleeved tshirt with another kid wearing a cable knit sweater! lol!! Indoors that is. These turned out great!