Friday, November 14, 2008


Needed to add #15 to the "things I've learned this week"

#15 Don't tell your kids as they are putting groceries away to put 3lbs. of hamburger in the microwave instead of the refridgerator----they will actually do what you said for once in their life!ha(I found it 24hrs. later)


Michelle said...

Oh no!! There went about $10! I bet they were like "why the microwave?!" Ha!

I've found things in the fridge that shouldn't have been there. and I'm the one that put them there!

Julie Waggoner said...

I thought I said put 1 pkg. in freezer and 1 pkg. in fridge. Jalen said no Mom you said microwave. Funny thing was I really didn't believe him until I was telling Jeff what happened and that Jalen misunderstood me---problem was when I told Jeff I said microwave instead of fridge too!haha I then realized that Jalen probably heard me right!