Friday, November 7, 2008

Nothing New

I don't have anything interesting to say. Just thought I'd share some of what we have been doing this week. I thought this was going to be a slowed down week but not so. Jalen had a flag football game on Mon. and Tues. evening, and we had our school soup supper last night. GBS is going to be at our church on Saturday night and a couple of girls are spending the night here. So, I have been cleaning and trying to get ready for all of that. I think I'm pretty sure that we will be busy until we get old and go to the nursing home and then we will be depressed because we aren't busy!ha
Another thing I really should be thinking seriously about is CHRISTMAS SHOPPING! I think I have 3 little girl gifts and some teacher gifts. That is it! My oh my how the time does fly. I feel like I just finished up the shopping from last year.
Hope everyone is enjoying this awesome weather!

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