Friday, November 14, 2008


The Dr. said Jordan's surgery went well so we hope his problems are over! Just thought I would share some of the funny things that went on today.
First of all I am convinced that no one should ever have to get up before 6 A.M.!!!
We had to leave the house this morning at 5:30 A.M. I ran to get a doughnut and coffee to take(I know not very nutritious but I knew everyone else would go to breakfast while Jordan was in surgery)so on the way back I turned left at a light and as I am turning I see the red light for the cross road---I say to myself--oh my I just ran that red light, I wasn't even paying any attention--hehehehhe then I realize it is for the cars stopped the other direction so I can go!had to laugh at myself. Then Betty happened to come(hehehehehe--sorry Betty faithful blah reader)She was talking about the Panda(Interpreted-Panera) Bread that the school is now selling!haha
She also was wandering if they would go to Bake and Shake(Interpreted Steak and Shake) for lunch----I didn't even try to correct her on those I just laughed quietly to myself!
The Dr. once again bragged about how nice and polite Jordan is, he said be sure to tell him when he wakes up! So, when he woke up a little I told him the Dr. thinks he is so nice and he said--I was asleep!ha The Dr. just said he has done surgery on alot of rude teens!
Jordan was a lot more alert this time so it was easier to get him in the wheelchair and to the car. I am hoping his recovery will be fast! Last year he went to youth camp the next week--crazy kid!
Hey enjoy the somewhat warm weather I hear it is going to snow tomorrow~


Anonymous said...

You know I can not say think right any time let along getting up at 5:00 am I was not sure it came around two time a day till yesterday. But Jordan is worth it.

Julie Waggoner said...

Betty,I am cracking up--you type just like you talk!hehehe