Thursday, November 13, 2008

New recipe

I just made up a new recipe and it was actually good believe it or not. Thought I'd share the basics.

Penne pasta probably used 3/4 of a box(cook and put in bottom of 9x13)
I put garlic powder, salt, pepper,parmesan cheese and olive oil on it to give it some moisture.

2 cans of Rotel tomatoes with green chilis(mild) I put them in my little processor to make them chopped up. Put that on top of the penne.(I added a little sugar because I think they tend to be a little sour)

Fried a few chicken breasts and cut them up and mixed in with the tomatoes.

Topped it with Cheddar(only because I had very little mozzerella)cheese, the little mozzerella that I had, parmesan, salt, pepper.
For Jordan and me I cut up green pepper, red pepper, and fresh mushroom and put on one end--no one else will eat it.

Bake for like 30 min. with foil on it part of the time

It was delicious!

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