Monday, November 3, 2008

The Wedding

Wow---where has the time gone???? We have been very busy and I haven't taken the time to share anything on my blog. So, now that my house is perfect, the laundry is neatly folded and put away, the bills are paid, the car is spotless, and supper is simmering in the crock pot--hehehehehehehehehehehehhehehehehe----I thought I would take the time to sit down and put some pictures on here of a few important events that have taken place here lately! Actually if anyone decided to pop in they would wonder what in the world I was doing on the computer at this time.
I had the priviledge of helping to coordinate Bradley and Elizabeth's wedding. I didn't do a whole lot before the rehearsal but what I did I really enjoyed. So, this was my first experience with it and I was a little nervous. Contrary to what Jeff might say, I do not like to boss people around!ha But I became quite good at it at the rehearsal. We had a great rehearsal dinner at EL Jaripeo. What could be better than a mexican food rehearsal dinner??? Then we headed off to the rehearsal. I haven't really been to very many so I didn't know how to compare it but over all I would say it was organized chaos for the most part. We then all pitched in and cleaned up the church and finished up last minute stuff.
The wedding turned out very, very beautiful. I really had a fun time. Since Elizabeth had mostly prerecorded music and our sound booth is up stairs in a balcony like thing, Jeff gave me a headset attatched to my cell phone and I just called them when the candle lighters went up. It was good because we communicated throughout the whole thing. The biggest blunder was when the Bible bearer and flower girl were waiting on the white carpet and the bride mention quite frantically----"where's her basket of flowers",and the Bible bearer asked quite frantically---"where's my Bible" to which I replied---I HAVE NO IDEA!!!!!!! Janae ran over to where they were getting dressed to try to find it---I ran in the music room to find a Bible---I ran out shoved a little black Bible in his hand and said "go"! Poor kids they looked bewildered, but they obeyed! By the way we found the pillow and Bible under clothes in the mens dressing room and the basket in the women's dressing room! I about had a nervous break down and I felt really bad but that was the only real goof!
After everything was done we went across the street to the absolutely gorgeous white tent she had rented for the reception. It was a beautiful reception. I wish soo bad that I had given someone my camera for the entire day because I really didn't have very much time to get pictures.
It was a beautiful wedding, perfect weather, great food, and I am soo happy for Bradley and Elizabeth. I thouroughly enjoyed helping out!


Karen Walden said...

Oh man! I was hoping to see a few pics at the bottom of this post! :)
Sounds like you did a great job, esp if that was the only blunder!

Julie Waggoner said...

Karen I did that backwards--sorry--there are now pictures!

tacomom said...

That is funny. I watched online and told Tony the weirdest thing was Alyssa didn't have a basket or bouquet :) Now I know the REST of the story. I thought it looked like you were the coordinator. You did great. Very seamless.

kimboray said...

Julie, I know I have already thanked you for your help but just wanted to say it again-THANK YOU! It wouldn't have come out so beautifully without you! Kim

Janiece said...

You did a great job Julie! The wedding was VERY beautiful and ran very smooth!