Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

Well, it's almost Thanksgiving so I thought I would say---HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!
I have to do a little cooking so I will do that tomorrow. I have Christmas stuff up already so I can relax after Thanksgiving and go Christmas shopping!!yea! I've been putting it up early the last few years and I love it! Things get so hectic that it is just nice to know that work is done.
As Jaida has been saying "we have a situation here"---both of my trees are having lighting problems!GRRRR The top strand of lights on the family room tree went out and the bottom strand of lights on the living room tree went out!(of course they are all decorated!) So, I need to undecorate part of them and put new lights on--yea rah!
I don't know if it is the looming vacation or if there is a full moon out but the kids have been in rare form today! Oh, my goodness I thought I would just get out and walk home when I picked them up from school today! It hasn't let up much at all either. Please someone tell me it isn't just mine.
Jordan is recovering very well after surgery. He goes back Dec. 3rd for a check so we will see at that point what our next step is. He had surgery on a Fri. and went back to school late Mon. morning. He continued to go but wasn't feeling well and would come home looking horrible and pale etc. I was a little worried that he was over doing it(he wanted to go to school--he has reasons:). He said his ear was still hurting some so I asked what he was taking for it, come to find out he had been taking his prescription tylenol with coedine at school everyday! No wonder he felt so bad---I don't know how he even stayed awake. So, after he quit taking that and just took tylenol he perked right up and acts like he feels fine. I'm just praying that somehow his hearing will come back. It isn't very probable that it will but maybe God will perform a miracle!
Hope everyone has the best Thanksgiving ever! Don't eat too much turkey! Actually that wouldn't be too bad---don't eat too much pumpkin pie and all the other things filled with carbs!

An optimistic person is one who starts a diet on Thanksgiving!(I read that on a sign today)


Janiece said...

Just a suggestion on the problems with your lights...try and change the fuses if you haven't already. I had over 800 lights (almost on) my living room tree and all but the bottom strand went out. Jerry came home and changed the fuse and split some of the strands (using an extension cord) and they are all working again, YEA! I was not looking forward to taking all of the stuff off, thank goodness my sweetie poo figured it out, ha!

Leanna Pitcher said...

Hey, just wanted to let you know, I finally quit going to the voting polls every day to vote. Haha! I updated my blog a couple of days ago :) I hope you have a wonderful Christmas Season. I enjoy reading your blog and you make me laugh and enjoy life quite often. I enjoy getting to see your creative decorating adventures.

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