Thursday, November 13, 2008

Things I've Learned This Week

1. Don't throw away what looks like left over potato soup---it might possibly be your mayo dressing you just put in the fridge for the salad for Sunday-- because...
it will take you 10 min. to figure out where in the world the dressing disappeared to will have to make more!grrrr

2. Do not leave little propane heaters in cars--because...if the valve happens to be open the car will smell like rotten eggs ALLLLL WEEK!

3. Tail Bones DO hurt for a long time when you bounce down the steps on them!

4. 5th graders can actually get their goals done at school!!!! Mine has for 5 days in a row now! Oh the wonders of life!

5. Christmas shopping just doesn't go get done on it's own doesn't pay for itself either!

6. Thursdays(cleaning day)comes around way to fast!(is it really Thursday again???)

7. Yes, it is usually cold in November---I have a hard time remembering that!

8. Igloo vanilla cokes taste really good when Milky Way is closed for the season.

9. Mondays are so much sweeter when you've had company over the weekend!

10. Little girls make messes and then they don't want to clean them up!

11. So do big girls, and boys!(and sometimes husbands:)!

12. There is always at least one DVD/video that is no where to be found when due! Late fee is a term much used around here!(and hated!)

13. On Veteran's Day---the mail doesn't run, the bank is closed, and the trash is not picked up----I know because I attempted all three things--duh--slow learner!

14. Thanksgiving is right around the corner and I have ALOT to be thankful for!


tacomom said...

I can identify with lots of those...except throwing away old potato soup! loL!

Michelle said...

I had to laugh at #3 and #13.

I'm sure Angie can commiserate with you on #3.

#13 -- well, that's just too funny! ;~)