Thursday, November 13, 2008


A couple more poems by Jordan:

The way that you stare I can't ignore
My heart beats faster, stonger than before

Your eyes so bright with life
A single glance erases all my strife

An angel could marvel at your face
Beaty surrounds you, nothing else but grace

So why then am I the one to see
How can you waste your smiles on me?

I'm no one important, I barely get by
Surely ther is another, some lucky guy

To have such bearty all to keep
it lulls me nightly into sweet dreaming sleep

I open my eyes once more you remain
still in my vision your smile retains

I have no words to describe how I feel
But you no never will another steal

Your are my life, my will, my heart
No one can ever tear us apart

I sitwith you now, and still can't see
How one can shine so bright, simply beauty

A normal night it was for all,
They traveled far to obey their new law

They came at late with the night air biting
A haven they needed, three lives were they fighting

But into no Inn were these three taken,
they were left out, alone and forsaken

Before they could freeze a kind inn keeper's wife
Saw pity on them, to end their strife

So into a stable were they placed,
For the baby was coming, time they could not waste

Long into the night she labored in pain,
Thinking of her Son our Saviour, then many came

Sheperds left their sheep behind,
with visions of angels singing in their minds

They sang of a baby, born for them,
A promised Messiah born to Bethlehem

Then came the wisemen hailing from afar,
Faces bright with joy, following the star

A mission they had from the evil king,
To give the babe to him, how aweful he had screamed

After all their presents a fairwell they bade
They left to run, His life to save

And even in that blessed night,
There still was one, his life would smite

The king would hunt them down to kill,
His holy life he wanted to steal

But in his dreams came an angel,
he told them to flee, to take him and be well

So run they did until he was grown,
He left them one day, a mission His own

He knew that he was for nothing less,
Taken to give His life that one day we might confess.

Then on that night so crowned with power,
He came to die, His love to shower

Christmas day is a day of mercy,
A day to live, though so unworthy

God gave us hope, he gave us might
In Bethlehem that sacred night.

Christ is our Lord and Light


Mindy said...

Very good! My daughter would probably like the first one said about her:) Have a wonderful weekend!

Carrie said...

What a great job! I've always been amazed at how artistic Jordan and Janae are--and in their own individual ways!

I'll have to admit, I'm a little curious as to whom he may be referring to in the first poem. He just doesn't seem old enough to be thinking about girls!!! :)

Julie Waggoner said...

Carrie, I wondered if I should post that--I didn't really ask him but---it might be personal huh?? He is the one that showed me the journal he is trying to fill up with poems. So, I guess it's his fault huh?

Anonymous said...

i think u should put some of janaes art on here to hint hint